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Recycled Bags


Selling your unwanted pre-loved or new items couldn’t be easier. Just tell us what items you have, you can send us pictures by e-mail or whatsapp, bring them to our shop or if you are local we can come to your home/premises to take a look. We can discuss a price for each item and once agreed we can start selling to earn you extra money.

Second Hand Store


The items must be in a good condition, either nearly new or new for clothing and selected homeware items. Furniture and specific types of homewares (e.g., curtains) can be older and used and must be in good condition.

Items must be supplied in a clean condition. Clothing must be washed and ironed. If costs are incurred to upgrade the item to a selling standard e.g dry cleaning or repair costs this will be deducted from the sale price before a payment is made

To work with us we require items totalling £50 in value in order to set up an account.

We work on a sale or return basis. If you give us your unwanted items, we will offer them for sale for approximately 4 weeks in our shop. If they sell, we can give you 40% of the sale price*. If after 4 weeks the items do not sell, we will reduce the price (can be up to 50% off ) to try and sell the item/s. If you do not want to offer a lower price we would ask you come and collect the item/s.

For more valuable or unique pieces we can discuss a longer sales period.


Currently payments are made monthly. Please contact us via phone of e-mail on the contact details on our site for a sales update, payments via our store are made by appointment.


Small Furniture: Small Tables Chairs Coffee tables TV stands Side tables Shelving Computer desks and chairs

Larger Furniture: Wardrobes Sideboards Armchairs

Home Décor: Wall art including original art. We support local artists Mirrors

Decorative items: such as vases, bowls, candles and candleholders, , picture frames Rugs Lamps

Bedding: Must be new/unused Duvets Bed covers Throws and blankets

Kitchen and Dining Cookware: should be almost new, bought and never used.

Pots and pans Crockery and cutlery Glassware Small appliances

Electrics and Computers: Laptops Screens Record players Hi-Fi equipment Flat screen TVs Radios Mobile phones

Children’s clothing: Baby clothing Nursery equipment including unused bedding Toys

Womenswear, shoes, handbags, and accessories


Menswear: including footwear, army surplus

Sportswear: Sports Equipment Tennis Football

Musical Instruments: Guitars Wind instruments Selected pianos

Other Gift items Specialist books such as gardening, cookery, academic, antiques. Unused make up and beauty wear

Specialist items: Antiques Mid-20th century furniture Modern contemporary furniture

Smiling Asian woman putting her clothes in a box


If you are interested in working with us, it is best to arrange an appointment so that we can allocate time to go through your offer. Just call or whatsapp the number below to arrange a date and time.

If you are not sure whether your items are of interest you can send us pictures via whatsapp on the telephone number below

Please state your name when contacting us.

07563 447360

Removal costs

If we have to collect items we will charge a minimum fee of £20.

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